Patrick Savile

 Patrick is a freelance Graphic Artist and Art Director.
His studio is in London, formed out of the ashes of the 2008 financial crash. Clients have come and gone, some are named things like Universal Music, Warp Records, Sony, Nickelodeon, Bjørn Borg, and NTS. He works across print, digital, and moving image.

Romy — Lifetime

Young Turks / XL Records 

art direction

Lyric video I directed for Romy from the XX’s first single from her new album. A collaboration with the brain-genius animator Connor Campbell. 


Romy Stickers

Young Turks / XL Records 


Sticker pack designed for Romy’s single release, featuring an array of  logos, as well as some from the single cover, designed by Mikey Burey. Screen printed in everyone’s favourite Pantone 800 series. 


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