Patrick Savile

Studio 206
122-150 Hackney Road
E2 7QS

℡ +44 (0) 7793 214155


Freelance Graphic Artist and Art Director based in the capital of the United Kingdom, began working as the embers of the financial crash smouldered.   

Situated inconveniently inbetween the historically demarcated zones of Graphic Design and Illustration. 

Informed by human error, prehistory, pattern, technology,  and the interlinked web of economics, ecology, greed and culture. 
Selected clients–
Bjørn Borg
NTS Live
Warp Records
XL Records

Media Appearances—
Nicer Tuesdays Talk 2020
Everpress Meet the Artists 2019
Wonderland Magazine“Westcountry Designer” 2019
Elephant Magazine 2018
Its Nice That 2017
Its Nice That 2015


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